IWA 2015 – Article 1

Hello readers,


I got home from IWA in Germany a few days ago. IWA is a yearly event and this was my second visit. I remembered it smaller, but the show floor is actually quite big and there were many companies present that made it’s way from overseas, which was a nice surprise.

The show is focused toward military, law enforcement, sports shooting, outdoors, hunting and so on. Of course I found a lot of very nice things to look at.

Here are a few:



FrogLube CLP is adding a De-greaser to its repertoire. Looking forward to trying it. I also found out that their Solvents works in windshields. I’ve been using FrogLube in my AR15s for a while with good results, but I will also start using it in my AK after talking to Mr. Lube (?). Good stuff!



Team Wendy had a booth at the show as well, reasonably priced and very comfy helmet liners made by one of the best in the business.



I am a snow camo guy. There just isn’t that many good ones out there. Thankfully the last couple of years has provided us with a few; Kryptek Yeti, Multicam Alpine, PXL Snow and Pencott Snowdrift. The latter is shown here by Helikon-Tex who are developing an over-white set in the pattern. This is just a prototype and the production version will among other things have color matched zippers.




Mechanix is releasing a new series of gloves called Tactical Specialty. Model names are TEMPEST, ELEMENT, PURSUIT, RECON, BREACHER and AZIMUTH.
Most models are flame retardent and no-drip made for military use. The AZIMUTH in the above picture is a Nomex flight-type glove with padding for knuckles and leather reinforcements. The BREACHER looks brutal, but felt very comfortable. The whole series seem to succeed in balancing both dexterity and protection and I am certainly looking forward to slipping my fingers into these beauties…



Yes please! Who doesn’t want one of these babies?


Since I am about to write a review of my Eberlestock Battleship I took the opportunity to talk to the very friendly Mr. Eberle himself and ask some questions about the Eberlestock product line.



5.11 was of course present, as always. Very friendly crew, mainly from my home country it seemed. 5.11 seem to be moving away from the overly tacticool and into the realm of discreet preparedness, something I am very happy to see.

Oh, and thanks for the ballcaps guys! ;)




Had to take a look at the stuff Heckler & Koch showed, a lot of RAL8000 as expected. A lot of stuff added to my Christmas wish list. ;)




I’m no big fan of flaunting the joy-sticks and SERT offers some nice carry solutions for discreet shooters – be it Law Enforcement, Military or Civilians.



Armourlite makes some interesting discreet yet functional watches. But can you rely on them in a crisis? A review is in the making.



This might just be one of the biggest news coming from ATK! this year.
Former 160th SOAR Nightstalkers pilot and Air Crew Systems designer at Eagle Industries, Todd McDunn, the artist formerly known as “Chief McStache” is turning 50 this year and decided to remove his signature facial hair. Doesn’t he look younger though?


Some of the Spartan Blades blades, note the very nice looking take-down chop sticks to the right. We all love Ti right? Very nice and polite guys as always.



The italians are making some new very nice looking knife models. This one is made by Viper.



I guess a lot of us have been looking forward to the Leatherman TREAD. For those of us that value readiness and preparedness, this is a very interesting tool / accessory. The well-known brand is also releasing a survival and bushcraft oriented tool with a lot of useful features in a SERE situation. The SERE multitool will be called SIGNAL. Didn’t get any pictures of that though, since some douchebag had stolen the one at the booth.


More to come!

Stay tuned!


I know it’s been quite lately. I’ve been off grid for a while due to some hard- and software issues. They are about to be resolved shorty so stay tuned for a high volume of updates. I’ll be leaving for IWA in Germany tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to give you some interesting news during the weekend.

Other stuff that is coming up:
– All material will from now on be in English
– The Dave Directive (my tweaks on The Grey Man Directive)
– The G.A.G.G Concept
– Weapon mounted lights galore
– A lot of knives, Kershaw, Mr. Blade and so on. Some odd, some unusual, all good.
– Kit builds. I’ll be discussing my Bug Out Bag, SERE Kit and what I keep in my car etc.
– Gear reviews. Eberlestock backpacks, clothing systems and more.

Stay tuned!

London Bridge Trading’s new hydration partner

Along with the news of the Arc’teryx Khard pack and the LBT-made insert pouches for it that I’ve posted about previously, LBT offered other interesting news at this year’s SHOT Show.

Among them were the new hydration bladders that LBT will be using in the future. LBT has previously offered Source hydration bladders with their pouches and packs. These were a lot easier to clean and maintain compared to its counterparts such as Camelbak and Hydrastorm at the time when they were introduced. Recently however LBT teamed up with HydraPak and is now (or soon) offering the HydraPak reservoirs with their products instead. These reservoirs feel a lot softer then the stiff Source bladders but have a similar top opening function as Source uses. However, these reservoirs can be turned inside-out and washed in a dish washer, which really sounds like and excellent solution.
This is what HydraPak has to say about their bladders themselves:

“Our First Wave Reservoirs are designed keeping the heightened abuse that may arrise in extreme situations in mind. The .4mm thick thermopolyurethane (TPU) is twice the thickness of our consumer model and comes with a reinforced slider top to match. Additionally, the First Wave utilizes our proprietary one-piece Hydrofusion Insulated Big Bore tube that is lighter than standard neoprene insulation and has the insulation applied to the tube rather than covered with a sleeve.”


Although I’ll admit to owning my fair share of Source bladders and loving them, the HydraPak really seems like a great choice for London Bridge Trading. Ease of maintenance is one of my main considerations when choosing a hydration system.



Finally back from a few hectic days at SHOT Show. This year’s SHOT offered interesting news from a number of manufacturers. I did my best to pick up interesting and useful products for preppers, outdoorsmen and tactically oriented people.

I’ll be sure to keep writing about the news from the show. Hopefully things other sites has missed writing about. I also got some interesting material for articles and reviews.
Keep checking in!

Arc’Teryx Khard Backpack

Arc’teryx Khard 30 backpack
This is a 30 liter, padded pack with a single compartment, lined with Velcro to allow many different pouch configurations. Arc’teryx teamed up with London Bridge Trading who makes a variety of color matched insert pouches for the Khard packs. Hopefully we will see everything from medical and SERE to different concealed carry options and camera equipment configurations in the future.

The pack come in the colors Crocodile, Wolf and Multicam.










Khard 30 Backpack inserts @ Scribd

Arc’Teryx LEAF Website


Welcome to my new blog, The Republic of Dave. I am, of course, Dave. And this is my land.

I will be posting about news, write-ups, articles and reviews. My first mission is to go to Las Vegas, Nevada to report from the annual SHOT Show! Unfortunately, since this blog is brand spanking new I was unable to get me Press Pass and I won’t be able to take pictures from the show-floor. I will none the less do my best to keep it interesting.

More to come: Some info about me and what I do, articles about survival, outdoor stuff, preparedness, personal security, self defense and a little bit about politics and foreign policies.
My main focus will be on the equipment for the European market, but I will not deny that I love American gear, US gear for the EU market. More or less.

At this point I will not guarantee that all my articles will be in English. Some might be written in Swedish but I will do my best to offer translation to all major languages provided that your web browser fails this.

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