Vertx Solid Smock Review

I made a short review of the Vertx Solid Smock in Swedish on Youtube. The video shows some of the features, if you can’t stand swedish – read the review and watch the video without sound.

Vertx is the tactical brand of Fechheimer, owned by Berkshire Hathaway, Inc and makers of Flying Cross military and law enforcement uniforms.
Since 1842, Fechheimer has been crafting great uniforms for America’s military and public safety professionals. Over 170 years, thats a helluva long time.
Vertx strive to combine a low visual signature with the features and functionality of a battle garment, and I feel that they may have succeeded so far.

The Smock was developed for British paras during the 2nd world war to wear over their gear during jumps. Later the jacket evolved to the Windproof Smock with the help of British SAS. After a few years decline this typical Eurpoean garment has seen groving popularity in the US as well as Europe. There are now a number of manufacturers both European and American that makes some version of the jacket. Examples include Aktis Ltd. Oberland, First Spear, Dropzone Tactical and of course Vertx.

This smock has a lot of storage, it is a good choice for all of us that prefer to carry our stuff in our outerwear and also appreciate having everything in one place. When I grab my jacket and head out the door, I like to know that everyting I need is with me. It also has six different locations to carry AR15 magazines, a great feature for first responders. But for the rest of us the pockets can also be used for other things such as medical equipment or every day carry items.


  • Fleece lined, button-down hood includes 4 draw cord adjustments for fit; hood rolls up or detaches when not in use. It is large enough to fit my XL-head with ComTacs, but you won’t fit a helmet.
  • Large capacity mag compatible chest pockets with concealed vertical zipper closure include bonus inside pockets. These pockets are easy and quick to open and close
  • Loop Velcro on sleeve for unit patch. Huge, I estimate it to to be 4″x7″
  • Mesh-lined dual-pull pit zips ventilate while preventing entry of debris
  • Constructed of lightweight Cordura® treated Nanosphere®
  • Gusseted, articulated elbows deliver maximum range of motion for shooting on-the-move
  • Fleece-lined hand warmer pockets are bellowed to allow for more storage
  • 6 AR15 magazine pockets
  • A total of 10 pockets in which 4 has internal pockets for AR-magazines
  • The jacket lacks other type of internal organizing of your gear, no pistol magzine pouches and such
  • Roomy, like a Smock should be
  • Warm three season jacket. It’s to warm in the summer but will keep you cozy with just a fleece underneath during the Scandinavian winter.
  • The jackets sound signature is substantially lower than most gore-tex shells.

In conclusion I would recommend this jacket for security or plain clothes operatives, first responders and preppers that need to carry a variety of equipment in a discreet package. This is not a garment for hikers or regular outdoors people, for that kind of people my recommendation would be a regular hard shell.