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London Bridge Trading’s new hydration partner

Along with the news of the Arc’teryx Khard pack and the LBT-made insert pouches for it that I’ve posted about previously, LBT offered other interesting news at this year’s SHOT Show.

Among them were the new hydration bladders that LBT will be using in the future. LBT has previously offered Source hydration bladders with their pouches and packs. These were a lot easier to clean and maintain compared to its counterparts such as Camelbak and Hydrastorm at the time when they were introduced. Recently however LBT teamed up with HydraPak and is now (or soon) offering the HydraPak reservoirs with their products instead. These reservoirs feel a lot softer then the stiff Source bladders but have a similar top opening function as Source uses. However, these reservoirs can be turned inside-out and washed in a dish washer, which really sounds like and excellent solution.
This is what HydraPak has to say about their bladders themselves:

“Our First Wave Reservoirs are designed keeping the heightened abuse that may arrise in extreme situations in mind. The .4mm thick thermopolyurethane (TPU) is twice the thickness of our consumer model and comes with a reinforced slider top to match. Additionally, the First Wave utilizes our proprietary one-piece Hydrofusion Insulated Big Bore tube that is lighter than standard neoprene insulation and has the insulation applied to the tube rather than covered with a sleeve.”


Although I’ll admit to owning my fair share of Source bladders and loving them, the HydraPak really seems like a great choice for London Bridge Trading. Ease of maintenance is one of my main considerations when choosing a hydration system.



When I met and spoke with the creators of A-TACS at IWA in 2012 they told me that a winter version of the camouflage was going to be the next one made.
At SHOT they unveiled the new LE variant instead, intended for SWAT teams and similar type law enforcement units.
Now, the first A-TACS pattern seemed great in urban and some rural or wilderness type terrains. I could imagine its effectiveness in places like Grozny, old eastern European villages or certain arid regions.
Then there was a Woodland version, it seemed too bright especially for the pine forests of northern Europe where I reside. A dark green version of the regular A-TACS would have been my ideal choice, although I can see how the A-TACS FG would be useful in certain forest types.

This latest creation however, may I call it “dolphins in the deep-pattern”? I honestly fail to see a reason why A-TACS would create such a pattern. Sure, SWAT teams also need uniforms. But in all honesty; there are no natural environments where this camouflage would be effective. A solid colored green uniform which already is commonly used by LE entry teams provides adequate functionality camouflage wise and still distinguishes the law enforcement officers from military units.

I was honestly disappointed that A-TACS was unable to provide me with a look of the Snow version at SHOT this year, something I was and still are excited about. Let’s hope they will soon though, and that it looks like if someone rolled around in sleet and mud, peed on it and then lived in it for 2 years. Like my military over-whites looked like.




Finally back from a few hectic days at SHOT Show. This year’s SHOT offered interesting news from a number of manufacturers. I did my best to pick up interesting and useful products for preppers, outdoorsmen and tactically oriented people.

I’ll be sure to keep writing about the news from the show. Hopefully things other sites has missed writing about. I also got some interesting material for articles and reviews.
Keep checking in!

Arc’Teryx Khard Backpack

Arc’teryx Khard 30 backpack
This is a 30 liter, padded pack with a single compartment, lined with Velcro to allow many different pouch configurations. Arc’teryx teamed up with London Bridge Trading who makes a variety of color matched insert pouches for the Khard packs. Hopefully we will see everything from medical and SERE to different concealed carry options and camera equipment configurations in the future.

The pack come in the colors Crocodile, Wolf and Multicam.










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