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Welcome to my new blog, The Republic of Dave. I am, of course, Dave. And this is my land.

I will be posting about news, write-ups, articles and reviews. My first mission is to go to Las Vegas, Nevada to report from the annual SHOT Show! Unfortunately, since this blog is brand spanking new I was unable to get me Press Pass and I won’t be able to take pictures from the show-floor. I will none the less do my best to keep it interesting.

More to come: Some info about me and what I do, articles about survival, outdoor stuff, preparedness, personal security, self defense and a little bit about politics and foreign policies.
My main focus will be on the equipment for the European market, but I will not deny that I love American gear, US gear for the EU market. More or less.

At this point I will not guarantee that all my articles will be in English. Some might be written in Swedish but I will do my best to offer translation to all major languages provided that your web browser fails this.

And in this intro I would like to take the time to thank my good friend Ante for making this site reality, you can find him and his services at
Great stuff!